Your Home Ductwork is the Lifeblood of Your Home

Aeroseal Dakota is the Dakota’s only dedicated ductwork specialists. Ready to help you learn about duct systems and how they affect your comfort, health and your wallet. Studies show that sealing leaks in your ducts is most often the single most effective thing you can do to save on home energy and increase indoor comfort.

We are also the only local contractors to offer Aeroseal duct sealing – the most effective and cost-effective way to seal those leaks. Aeroseal works from the inside of your ductwork to find and seal all the leaks… even those hidden behind walls, under insulation or other impossible to reach places – something manual sealing just can’t do.

If you and your family experience high energy bills, if you have rooms that never get enough heat in the winter or air conditioned air in the summer, or if you struggle with indoor allergies, heavy dust or chronic mold problems, chances are, these problems can be easily solved by sealing the leaks in your air ducts with Aeroseal.

For a system test and  evaluation of your duct system.  IT’S FREE. Call 605-530-6314  today.                                                                 


Like to learn all about Aeroseal Duct Sealing, Click here and watch the popular TV show “Ask This Old House”.
Be sure to go to scene 4 on the Ask This Old House video.”


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