Introducing Aeroseal Dakota – Duct Sealing Pro’s

The team at Aeroseal Dakota are the Dakota’s duct sealing specialists, trained and licensed to offer Aeroseal duct sealing. With expertise in Energy Efficiency and building performance, testing and verification, we’ve learned how important a clean, leak-free duct system is to the overall energy efficiency of your home and health of your family. Our success is built on your satisfaction.

Aeroseal is completely safe and takes less than a day to apply. While many homeowners use Aeroseal to save on their home energy bills, the first thing they often notice after having their duct system sealed is that their house is much more comfortable. With the leaks sealed, treated air can now easily reach all the rooms in the house, providing even, adequate heat in the winter and air conditioned air in the summer. Family’s that struggle with allergies often find that sealing duct work with Aeroseal eliminates the spread of indoor allergens, dust, mold and other health hazards.

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