Aeroseal and Aeroseal of the Dakota’s wins greenbuild Award

Expo ExtravaganaAeroseal Wins Editor’s Choice Award At This Year’s GreenBuild Conference & Expo

Now that it’s over, we can pretty much make it official – GreenBuild 2014 was this year’s big event for any professional interested in sustainable building technology or just about anything else related to green building. This year’s expo not only marked a turning point for Aeroseal but also turned out to be an opportunity to win yet another “Best Of Show” award for its energy-saving duct sealing solution.

More than 23,000 attendees gathered at the conference, held this year in New Orleans, giving more than 750 suppliers and top manufacturers a chance to show off the latest green equipment, products and technology available in today’s market. For Aeroseal, the show marked a new chapter in the company’s catapulting success.

“For the first time in Aeroseal’s history, the overwhelming number of people visiting our booth actually came seeking us out,” said Aeroseal’s Bobby Seals. “For the past several years, we’ve been attending shows like this and spending most of our time explaining our technology to passerbys – but not this time. Instead, our booth was filled throughout the three-day event with engineers, specifiers and other building professionals that had already heard about aeroseal. This time they came with specific questions in mind – often about how aeroseal could be applied to existing projects on which they were working.”

Building professionals weren’t the only ones taking notice of the aeroseal technology during the show. Editors of US Building Review magazine, one of show’s key sponsors, found the potential energy-saving benefits of aeroseal so compelling, that they gave it their Editor’s Choice award. Aeroseal was featured on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue and was declared BEST OF SHOW by the publication.

“The potential impact that Aeroseal technology could have on energy savings is estimated by the D.O.E. to be in the billions of dollars annually,” said US Builders Review’s Editorial Director, Ian Nichols. “Of the hundreds of products and technologies represented at this year’s Greenbuild, we felt that none were more deserving of this award than Aeroseal.”

Aside from the engineers and contractors who had the Aeroseal booth on their short list of “must see” attractions, a large percentage of visitors included building owners and facility managers. There were a particularly noticeable number of hospital and laboratory administrators among the crowd as well.

“Most any facility that employs an exhaust hood to evacuate airborne contaminants is dealing with new Federal USP 797 mandate,” said Seals. “The new regulation is designed to cut down on health risks associated with drug manufacturing and includes, among other things, tighter guidelines regarding adequate exhaust. Aeroseal has proven to be an absolute ideal solution for facilities that are finding their current ventilation systems inadequate to meet these new regulations.”

Aeroseal has proven to be a major cost and time saver for administrators and contractors at Condell Hospital, UCSF Medical Center at Mt. Zion and other facilities where meeting USP 797 specifications became an issue.

“As the word spreads from colleague to colleague, anecdotes about aeroseal used successfully to seal ventilation leaks has quickly raised professional awareness of the technology,” said Seals. “This year’s GreenBuild reflected that growing awareness.”

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